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6th August 2014Choosing a Trampoline?

Choosing a Trampoline?

Trampolines have been booming in popularity lately and, as toys that are both hugely fun and can go some way towards fending off sedentary lifestyles among youngsters, this is something parents and caregivers are only going to want to encourage.

However, if you're keen to purchase a trampoline, knowing which style to go for in a crowded marketplace can be tough. Not all designs are created equal and opting for one that is low-quality by mistake will be a false economy at best and potentially dangerous at worst.

Don't worry though - we've got lots of information here at TP Toys and we'll put together our top tips below to help you make your decision.

Seek out quality features

There are lots of things that set good trampolines out from the rest. Look for trampoline pads that provide a comfortable seating area around the bouncing part and also cushion users against landing on the springs.

Quality products will also have a high number of long springs for maximum bounce, so don't be tempted to purchase those that look bare around the edges or you may be disappointed.

There are lots of other optional features for added enjoyment too. Have a look at zip-free door entry, which is offered on some of our trampolines at TP Toys and allows children to crawl through a tunnel rather than simply opening a flap to get to the bouncing platform.

You can also choose between octagonal and round frames when it comes to our larger models; this is mostly just personal preference, but the octagonal variety tends to provide a more predictable vertical bounce.

Our designs are patent protected and constructed using galvanised steel frames, so you can be sure that you'll receive a quality product, whichever one you go for.

Consider safety

Accident prevention is key when considering buying a trampoline, as little ones could hurt themselves if they are bouncing around freely on a raised platform.

That's why good retailers will provide a trampoline enclosure around the bouncing platform that's made from fine yet sturdy netting and will support children when they fall against it. All steel poles within the enclosure should also be padded with thick foam so they don't hurt bouncers if a collision occurs. 

Some of our trampolines come with intelligent feet for extra stability when the ground beneath isn't quite level - and a ladder up to the enclosure might be useful if you're concerned about the big drop down after a bouncing session.

At TP Toys, all of our trampolines are tested to the new EN71 14 draft standard for domestic models, giving you peace of mind that our products have been rigorously tested before going on sale.

How old is your child?

Age is another factor that's worth considering before you take the plunge and make a purchase, as you want your little one to get as much use out of their new trampoline as possible. Very young children may feel daunted by the larger varieties, while older ones are likely to grow out of smaller types if they are purchased too late. We can break this sector down further to cover different product types as follows:

1.    Toddler trampolines

Suitable for children from just one year old, these feature small frames that are nice and low to the ground for easy access. Many have built-in handles so the child can hold on as they bounce for added stability - and let go whenever they feel confident enough.

Toddler trampolines are ideal for using indoors or outside and will help your little one improve his or her balance and lower body strength.

If you know you'll mostly be using your trampoline inside, then you might be interested in taking a look at TP Toys' Little Bouncer, which folds down to an amazingly small size and can be stored down the side of a cupboard or under the bed. Bouncing wherever, whenever will be quick, fun and easy with this product!

2.    Bigger kids

Once children get to three years old they'll want to test their bouncing skills more, so you can upgrade to one of our Big Bouncers. These look just like their larger counterparts only scaled down, so kids will feel really grown-up but can also benefit from features that have been specifically tailored to them.

For instance, the platforms are closer to the ground for easy access and the bouncing area only measures 6ft, meaning they won't feel daunted when they climb aboard.

3.    Expert bouncers

At age six and above, children will be experts at trampoline bouncing and so you can feel free to choose any of our larger products. They still have the safety features we mentioned earlier though, so there's no compromise on protection.

The Genius Octagonal SurroundSafe Trampoline offers a ladder and intelligent feet, while our Trampeazee models are available in a variety of sizes for all garden types, plus they're really padded so there will be no contact with springs.

Hopefully this has given you some useful information to use when you're browsing the trampolines at TP Toys.