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10th September 2010Philippa Forrester, TV Personality - TP Star Trampoline Review

Philippa Forrester, TV Personality - TP Star Trampoline Review
TV and radio presenter Philippa Forrester who is a busy Mother of three young boys recently wrote this glowing review of the TP Star Trampoline which her children have immense fun playing with in the family garden.
"If I had to choose just one garden toy this would be it, even on a rainy muddy day (consider that most of August) the children get out and have fun on it.  It works for all ages my boys are 3, 6 and 9 and they all play on it, when guests come it is their first destination, and from observation there seem to be an infinite amount of imaginary games that you can make up to play on it.  I have happy, safe and exhausted children who have had all the benefits of lots of excercise and fresh air.  I particularly love this star trampoline because it is so much more stable when there is more than one child bouncing and that give me some reassurance because even though I watch them there are still always moments where they get overexcited.  Now they are back at school my resolution is to get fit again.....while no ones looking I might just have a go myself!"