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24th September 2010TP Toys Featured on BBC Breakfast

TP Toys Featured on BBC Breakfast
BBC Breakfast presenter Tamsin Smith and her team visited the TP offices early this week to record a feature on the growing size of children.  A survey which is due to be released next year is the first large scale project to measure children aged 4-17 across the UK using 3D body scanners. This has been used to analyse the differences in height and body shape between children of different ages.
TP were chosen as a leading UK designer and manufacturer who for many years has taken into account the changing size of children. TP’s Managing Director Chris Martyn-Smith explained how the designs have been adapted as children's shapes have changed.
TP’s clothing range Muddy Puddles has also been developed to consider larger children with a number of products having elasticated waists and cuffs, and buttons on the legs.