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FA8008 M6 Dome Nut


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Product Code: FA8008

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M6 Dome nut for the M6 x 85mm Allen bolt to fit the Genius Round 1 & 2, Genius Round Blue, Genius Octagonal Blue, Zoomee 2 and the Trampeazee Trampoline Surroundsafe.

  • Dome nut only.  Bolt available separately. 
  • Sold Individually. 
  • Fits all sizes. 


Compatible with TP312/313/314, 10ft/12/14 Genius Round 2 Trampoline.

Compatible with TP249/250/251/252 8ft/10/12/14 Genius Round Trampoline.

Compatible with TP440/441/442 10ft/12/14 Zoomee 2 Trampoline.

Compatible with TP265/266/267 10ft/12/14 Trampeazee Trampoline.

Compatible with TP211/212/213 10ft/12/14 Genius Round Blue